Micro-Webinar Events For Savvy Professionals

Micro-Webinars? We are pioneering micro-webinar events because we recognize that time is a precious asset. We also understand that great presenters MUST explain their topic clearly and succinctly. Nobody wants to waste time sitting through an endless sales pitch (we don't do that). We plan our events like you were on a slightly extended coffee break: 15-20 minutes. That's it!

Why You Should Pre-Register: We don't broadcast future webinar alerts to the public. The only people who know about them are those who have specifically asked to be notified. There's no cost to subscribe to the alerts ... and no cost to participate in the micro-webinar events ... except that you have to let us know you'd like to be on the invitation list when they happen.  

What The Micro-Webinar Events Cover: We host a diverse series of micro-webinars focused on specific and timely elements of relaunching a professional service firm. Our goal is to help you better understand and deploy the weapons in your arsenal. We'll explain how the tactics work, when you should use them, and how to leverage them for maximum impact.

Who They're For: Our micro-webinar events are designed for professional service firms such as engineers, attorneys, accountants and consultants ... but many entrepreneurs participate too.

Hosted By: Gil Gerretsen, Founder & President of BizTrek

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