Q: WhaT Does BizTrek Do?

A: BizTrek teaches savvy small business owners how to break through revenue plateaus ... and then CRUSH their growth ceilings.

Q: In A Snapshot, WhaT Is The BizTrek FORMULA?

A: The BizTrek Formula is a revolutionary sequential marketing system built around "12 Triggers" that crush all growth ceilings. This scientific process helps small business owners know exactly what steps to take, how to do them, and when to put them in motion.

Q: How long has BizTrek been around?

A: BizTrek was organized in April, 1994 by Gil Gerretsen. We are based in Greenville, South Carolina, USA. Using online training and communication tools, we work with small business owners around the globe.

Q: How Do I Know If BizTrek Is Right For My Business?

A: The BizTrek Formula has been successfully tested and deployed by small business owners in hundreds of different industries around the world. Typically, the journey starts at one of TWO crossroads:

1) Small business owners seeking to overcome chronic revenue stagnation or decline.
2) Small business owners preparing for future sale by strengthening their marketing processes.


A: Your readiness for the BizTrek Formula is demonstrated by your mental approach to business growth. You'll be a great match if you relish the potential to build a thriving business that runs with a scientific "clockwork" approach to marketing. However, you'll be a poor match is you prefer a "make it up as you go" approach to business (see next question).


A: Piñata Marketing Syndrome is a term we coined to describe a behavior exhibited by some people who passionately swat their marketing stick at a piñata bag of tricks and tactics they hope will spill abundant riches with just the right stroke. Sadly, they often completely miss the mark! That wild and unfocused tendency means they often miss key opportunities and languish on their revenue plateau, resulting in significant loss of wealth and even business failure. BizTrek's scientific formula for massive revenue growth and marketing automation prevents that historical tendency.

Q: Are there other GOOD Marketing systems?

A: It would be pretty arrogant of us to say that ours is the one and only way. However, we have never encountered another clearly defined scientific marketing formula that puts small businesses on profitable CRUISE CONTROL so quickly and easily. There are certainly many advisers and coaches who provide wise counsel, but they really don't have a proven formula to deliver reliable results across diverse industries, scenarios and continents. We do!

Q: Are BizTrek's ideas really "UNIQUE"?

A: In all candor, the fundamental principles of great marketing have always been true and will continue to be true. Basically, you are dealing with proven elements of human psychology and sociology, coupled with appropriate and effective communication mechanisms. The key to our success is a reliable scientific process for understanding, automating and leveraging tactics on an everyday basis. The BizTrek Formula does that VERY well.

Q: Do you have any competitors?

A: Of course. There is no shortage of business gurus in this world. Opinions and options abound! However, most traditional options typically fall into the piñata trap of "make it up as you go" guesswork based on experience across only one or two ventures. So, from the perspective of having a proven and reliable formula for diverse situations, there really isn't another similar option that we know of.

Q: If I'm Interested in BizTrek, what should I do first?

A: Your first step should be to read our free book titled "ReLaunch Code!" It explains the fundamentals of breaking through your revenue plateau. Then, you can make an intelligent decision about what you want to do next.

Q: Why did Gil start BizTrek?

A: Early in his career, Gil moved around Canada and the USA fixing organizations who were not meeting stakeholder expectations. He proved to be very good at it and, in the process, developed a reliable marketing formula that always produced stunning improvements. Gradually, various friends who owned small businesses asked to learn his system so they could use it too. Many generated significant wealth in a comparatively short period of time. Ultimately, those people encouraged Gil to start BizTrek, which he did in 1994. In the first two decades, he worked mainly with select private clients. Only recently have we reached out to the world on a larger scale, but we are so glad we did!

Q: Do you have any resources for members of the press?

A: Certainly. Just let us know what you are working on and we'll quickly take care of it. Please use our Contact Form. If your deadline is near and you prefer to call, please feel free to reach out using our phone number shown at the bottom of this page.